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Kuki, Hiroshi. Tuamotuan phonology. Pacific Linguistics: Series B, Canberra: Austrailan National University. Bibliography: p. A dictionary of some Tuamotuan dialects of the Polynesian language. Word List: A Sociolinguistic Survey of Bebeli. SIL International. A nuverei Bola Bola stories. Eckermann, William. Canberra : Pacific Linguistics. Ray, Sidney H. The Languages of Northern Papua. Besnier, Niko. Tuvaluan: a Polynesian language of the Central Pacific.

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Tokelauan Syntax.

NIUE , Niuean. Edward Tregear and S. Percy Smith. Wellingtion: John Mackay, Government Printer. The vocabulary list is much longer, pages, and includes definitions and example sentences. Also, there are quite a number pedagogical books available in Niuean for Niueans. Tryon, Darrell T. Solomon Islands languages: an internal classification. Pacific Linguistics: Series C, Oceanic Linguistics Frostad, Benedicte Haraldstad. University of Oslo.

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A grammar sketch of Sakao. In Lynch, J. Crowley, eds. Mussau grammar essentials. Brownie, John. Data papers on Papua New Guinea languages p. Blust, Robert. A Mussau vocabulary, with phonological notes. Pacific Linguistics A—— Note: Unpublished Swadesh list 14 p. Papua New Guinea, Oro Province. Wakefield, David. Grammar Notes on Arifama-Miniafia.

Strong, W. Notes on the languages of the north-eastern and adjoining divisions. Annual Report for the year ending 30th June Joel L. Gerald Camden Wheeler. It might not be very useful as a general grammatical description. It does contain a number of example sentences and although the text is theory based, it is not completely unapproachable as a result.

Wheeler is an excellent book of stories and songs in Mono-Alu with English summaries and sentence level translations. The language is spoken by less than speakers across three villages located in a 15 kilometer area of Cape Hoskins. These villages are: Morokea, Mosa, and Banuale. The language is severely endangered and is used solely for traditional events, and by middle-aged adults and Elders.

As such, intergenerational transmission has ceased and Tok Pisin is the predominant language of children and young adults. In , a sociolinguistic survey which was comprised of a Bebeli wordlist was conducted within the community, but otherwise there is no documentation specifically on the language, or on the majority of it's related languages.

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A substantial dictionary for the language has not been published. The grammar is pedagogical. French Polynesia, Marquesas Islands. Lynch, John. A grammar sketch of Marquesan. Elbert, Samuel H. Hawaiian grammar. Honolulu: University of Hawai'i Press. Solomon Islands, Santa Isabel Island.

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Federated States of Micronesia, Micronesia. Woleaian Reference Grammar. Sohn, Ho-min. University of Hawaii Press. Woleaian-English Dictionary. Sohn, Ho-min; Tawerilmang, Anthony F. The University Press of Hawaii.

Siegel, Jeff. Introduction to the Labu Language. Canberra: Australian National University. Solomon Islands, Northeast coast of Guadacanal. Hill, Deborah. Longgu Grammar. Federated States of Micronesia, Polowat. Puluwat Grammar. Canberra: Pacific Linguistics Dictionary: Puluwat Dictionary. Canberra: Pacific Linguistics Note: The grammar is very well done. Just over pages but very detailed. The dictionary is similarly well done, and is of moderate length.

Harrison, Sheldon R. Mokilese reference grammar.

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