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Who We Are. It is also pertinent to note that the current obvious decline in work on holarctic hepatics most surely reflects a current obsession with cataloging and with nomenclature of the organisms—as divorced from their study as living entities. We recommend upgrading or switching to another browser to best experience northerntrust.

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It replaces the Evoker mob with Entity which has some incredible powers. For the details please check this page. Follow his jouney through being fired, hacking, and becoming a sociopath. The companies and people profiled on Corporation Wiki are displayed for research purposes only and do not imply an endorsement from or for the profiled companies and people. According to the pasta, a former Mojang employee was fired by Notch the creator of Minecraft.

This list does not include unlisted music tracks. Sign in - Google Accounts A legal entity is a legal construct through which the law allows a group of natural persons to act as if they were a single person for certain purposes. A small business can raise capital in a number of different ways, including by selling securities. It is one true mastermind of the Death Busters; especially Mistress 9. A blue-eyed Metrocop. These illustrative financial statements: a are intended to provide general information on the application of accounting principles generally accepted in the United States of America effective RMS is the world's leading catastrophe risk modeling company, with offices across the globe.

It stars Dervla Kirwan, Charlotte Riley, and Branko Tomovic and centers upon a British reality show film crew that encounters a dark entity. They are symbols of the greater principle, representing and are never presumed to be the concept or entity itself.

Download Splunk From Dx2 Wiki. Pharaoh 90 is a universal entity of pure evil from an unknown part of the cosmos, the power source of the impending doom and Silence and Daimons, and the true antagonist of Sailor Moon S. There are many improvements in this release, so this wiki page covers many of the more important changes in detail.

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You should understand the application process and do some important research before embarking on the application process. It was like this: java. Under the Safeguards Rule, financial institutions must protect the consumer information they collect. How SCP arrived at Site is not known at this time. It provides access to publicly available information supplied by businesses when they register for an Australian Business Number ABN. But if you haven't then read on.

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Xavier, most of Earth's heroes were lost for a time. Note that within these collections some films may contain the same records, but have Why should MY tax dollars support corporate welfare?

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See, we don't always get what we want. To listen to Ogg Vorbis files, users must have a compatible audio player installed on their computers. To embed an audio file, you first have to upload it to Wikimedia Commons, as previously described in this lesson. NOTE: Templates This code for embedding an audio file uses a Wikipedia template—a piece of code that automatically creates certain types of complex elements. For a list of popular templates, see en. OGV file format. So you must first convert your videos to the. OGV format before uploading. When uploaded, you embed your video by inserting the following code where you want the video player window to appear: [[File: ]] Replace filename.

Summary In this lesson, you learned how to insert pictures, sounds, and videos into the text of a Wikipedia article. In the next lesson, you learn to find photos and other media in the Wikimedia Commons. Understanding the Commons The Wikimedia Commons, often called just the Commons, is a central repository of media files—images, audio, and video. Files uploaded to the Commons are available for free downloading for personal use and for use in Wikipedia articles.

For a file to be uploaded to the Commons, it must be in the public domain or licensed for free use. You access the Wikimedia Commons at commons. The main page of the site, shown in Figure This page includes links to the Commons in different languages; a Picture of the Day and Media of the Day typically a sound file ; links to Featured Pictures and Quality Images as voted on by users ; and links to content by topic, location, type, and so forth.

The Commons also features a navigation pane on the left side of every page. This pane is similar to the Wikipedia navigation pane, with panels for Search, Navigation, Participate, and Toolbox. Copyright and Licensing Only files that are free from copyright restrictions are allowable in the Wikimedia Commons. This includes files in the public domain and those that are legally licensed for free use by others. By default, the creator of a photograph, audio clip, or video owns the copyright to that work.

The copyright gives the owner exclusive rights to the work, unless expressly licensed to others. For this reason, files that are copyrighted cannot be used in the Commons without the permission of the copyright owner. Copyrights typically last the life of the creator plus 50 to 70 years, depending on the type of work.

NOTE: Intellectual Property Intellectual property laws differ from country to country, thus the length of copyright also differs.

  1. Handbook on the Physics and Chemistry of Rare Earths. vol.16.
  2. What If?: Australian History as It Might Have Been!
  3. Fluctuations and localization in mesoscopic electron systems.

From the Library of Lee Bogdanoff Finding Media in the Commons 97 Works that have never been copyrighted, or that have had their copyrights expire, are considered in the public domain. Public domain works can be used by anyone for any purpose, including commercial purposes; they can even be edited or otherwise changed by other users. Because of the nature of copyright laws, many public domain works are older photos, typically taken before the s or so. Some copyrighted works are licensed for sharing by others, typically at no cost. Some licenses allow for private use only, some for private and commercial use on for-profit websites, in books, on television, and so forth.

Some licenses require the work to be used as-is, without any editing, whereas other licenses let users change the work as they want. Most licenses require attribution to the copyright holder, although some licenses allow works to be used without attribution. The most common sharing licenses are those from the Creative Commons organization. Creative Commons offers a variety of different sharing licenses, for private or commercial use, with and without attribution, and so forth.

Files tagged with a Creative Commons license can be uploaded to the Wikimedia Commons. Finding Media in the Commons Media files in the Commons are organized by topic. You can find topic pages—and the accompanying images and other media—by either browsing or searching. From the Commons main page, scroll to the Content section at the lower right, as shown in Figure Click the link for the topic you want.

If necessary, click an appropriate subtopic on the following page.

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The resulting category page, like the one in Figure Click a thumbnail to display a page for that image, sound, or video. Searching for Media You can also search for media files in the Wikimedia commons. To do so, follow these steps: 1. Enter your query into the search box in the navigation pane; then click Go. You now see a page for the topic you queried, which includes thumbnails for all the media files for that topic. Viewing Media Files Figure The image itself, typically at a smaller size to fit on the page ; click the image to view it at full size.

Information about the file, including a Description, the Date the file was created or the picture taken, the Source of the file, the creator Author of the file, and the licensing terms Permission. A Licensing section, which details how the file can be used. The File History, which details when the file was uploaded and whether it was later edited. File Links—a list of pages including Wikipedia articles that link to this file. Metadata about the file camera manufacturer, camera model, exposure time, and so forth found with some digital photographs.

Categories in which the file is associated. To download an image, follow these steps: 1. Go to the image page. Click the image to enlarge it to full size. When the Save As dialog box appears, select a location for the file and click Save. When reusing media files outside the Wikipedia, know that you can use the files for any purpose, including commercial purposes if the source and authors are properly credited.

You also need to license your version of the files—including any edits or improvements you make—with the same sharing license so that others can also use the files. Using Files in Wikipedia Articles One popular use of Wikimedia Commons media is to include images, audio, and video in Wikipedia articles. You embed these files in an article using Wiki Markup Language codes. For example, to include an image in an article, use the following code: [[Image: thumb]] Replace filename. To upload a file to the Commons, you must have rights to the file, and you must be a registered Wikipedia user.

NOTE: Reuse Commons policy requires that any file you upload be licensed to be reused and modified for any purpose with or without your consent. Image Files When uploading images, you need to follow some loose guidelines regarding image quality, file size, and file type. In terms of image quality, the image should be as high a resolution as possible so that others using the image have the option to display at a high quality level.

So if you have a choice between a low resolution and high resolution version of an image, upload the high resolution file. If you then use the image in a Wikipedia article, the MediaWiki software behind the Wikipedia automatically resizes the image as necessary. It can handle JPG and other images larger than this, however.

As to file sizes, you can upload image files up to MB in size— although there is a 6. You can upload audio files only in the MIDI. MID and Ogg Vorbis. OGG formats, and video files only in the Ogg Theora. OGV formats. You cannot upload common file format such as. MPG, and. As to file size, the Commons accepts audio and video files up to 20MB in size. There is no restriction on audio bit rate or video resolution. Making the Upload To upload a media file, you need to first logon to your account and go to the Commons main page.

Then follow these steps: 1. Click the Upload File link in the Participate section of the navi- gation pane. When the Commons: Upload page appears, as shown in Figure When the next page appears, read the legal information and then scroll down to the Upload Work section, shown in Figure Enter the desired name for the file into the Destination Filename box. Enter a description of the file into the Summary box. Pull down the Licensing list and select the type of license that applies to the this file.

Enter one or more categories that should contain this file into the Categories box. Description—A brief overview of what is in the file—what the image is of, what type of sound is involved, or the contents of the video. Source—Where the file came from. Date—The date the file was created. Author—Who created the file—that is, who shot the photo. Permission—The license associated with the file. Other versions—Any variations of this file also uploaded. For example, if you uploaded both low-resolution and high-resolution versions of a photograph, you would list the other filename here.

The easiest way to properly enter this information is to use the Information template available at the Commons site. In the next lesson, you learn to ask questions of Wikipedia users via the Reference Desk. Understanding the Reference Desk Have you been looking for information on Wikipedia but coming up short? Then turn to the Reference Desk—a human-staffed part of the Wikipedia site that works like a reference desk at a traditional library. You ask your questions at the Reference Desk, and Wikipedia volunteers provide answers. In other words, your questions are answered by your fellow Wikipedia users.

To access the Reference Desk, as shown in Figure Alternatively, you can point your Web browser directly to en. What kinds of questions can you ask at the Reference Desk? Just about anything about anything. You can ask questions about specific topics covered in the Wikipedia, topics not yet covered, and about the Wikipedia itself. What kind of answers can you expect from your questions?

First, the good news: Researchers found that 92 percent of all questions were completely or partially answered—and quickly. The same research study found that the completeness of Reference Desk responses ranks just 63 percent, whereas accuracy level only ranks about 55 percent. Of course, you can improve the completeness and accuracy by asking follow-up questions; in most instances, improved answers result. In this regard, the accuracy of Reference Desk answers is similar to that of Wikipedia articles. The information is only as accurate as the weakest respondent.

Asking a Question To ask a question at the Reference Desk, follow these steps: 1. Go to the Reference Desk home page, at en. The Reference Desk home page is organized by category. Click the category into which your question falls. You now see an editing page for this section of the Reference Desk, like the one shown in Figure Enter the main text of your question, along with any necessary details, into the main editing box.

Use the formatting toolbar or the Wiki Markup Language to format your text or add special elements. Check the Watch This Page option. Responses will be posted to this Reference Desk category page, underneath the section that contains your question, as shown in Figure Otherwise, you need to return to this page periodically to check for new responses. Responding to a Question Just as any Wikipedia user can ask questions at the Reference Desk, any user can also respond to questions asked by others.

Whomever replies, Wikipedia expects answers that are factually correct, not opinions or guesswork. Ideally, answers should refer to relevant Wikipedia articles— or cite other reliable sources of information. Most Reference Desk respondents tend to hang around a specific topic category, one in which they have some knowledge and interest.

When they find a question that piques their interest, or that they actually know the answer, they respond. There is, of course, no obligation for respondents to respond to every question asked in a category. To respond to a question, follow these steps: 1. From a Reference Desk category page, go to the section that contains the question you want to answer and click the Edit link.

Sams Teach Yourself Wikipedia in 10 Minutes (ExLib) by Michael Miller | eBay

When the Edit page appears, scroll to the bottom of the text in the edit box. Enter your response into the Edit box, using appropriate Wiki Markup Language formatting. Make sure you indent your response and reference the source of the information you include.

MySQL IN 10 MINUTES [2019] - Introduction to Databases, SQL, & MySQL

Your response now appears at the end of the section for the original question. For this reason, you should return to the Reference Desk topic page on a regular basis to see if you need to provide further responses. Summary In this lesson, you learned how to ask questions of other users via the Wikipedia Reference Desk. In the next lesson, you learn to look up definitions using the Wiktionary. Understanding the Wiktionary The Wiktionary is a collaborative online dictionary and thesaurus.

You use the site as you would any dictionary—to look up the spelling, definition, and usage of words. The Wikimedia Foundation offers Wiktionaries in close to three hundred different languages. The English-language Wiktionary has more than 1. Other language editions are smaller. You access the English-language Wiktionary at en. As you can see in Figure The individual parts of the Wiktionary site include the following:. Main dictionary—With entries contributed and edited by indi- vidual users. Abbreviations—A list of common abbreviations and acronyms.

Appendixes—Short articles on a variety of related topics, con- taining relevant reference information. Phrasebooks—Useful phrases in a variety of languages and dialects. Rhymes—A short rhyming dictionary; displays words that rhyme with other words. You can browse the Wiktionary alphabetically, or you can search for specific words.

To browse the Wiktionary, follow these steps: 1. From the Wiktionary main page, click a letter in the Browse sec- tion at the top of the page or in the Index section further down the page. The next page lists entries beginning with that letter, like the one shown in Figure Given the huge number of entries, each page contains only a fraction of available words; click the Next Page link to view the next words, alphabetically. Continue clicking the Next Page link on subsequent pages until you find the page that contains the word you want.

Click an entry to view the page for that word. Click the Define button. The page for the word you searched for should now appear. Understanding a Wiktionary Entry Whether you browse or search for a word, Wiktionary eventually displays a page for that word, like the one shown in Figure Entry name—The word or phrase defined on the page.

Language—The language of the word in question. Pronunciation—How to say the word. Etymology—The derivation of the word. Homophones—Words that sound like the word. Rhymes—Words that rhyme with this word. Interjection—When a word has no grammatical connection with the surrounding sentence and is used primarily to convey emotion. Remember, some words can be multiple parts of speech. Inflections—Any change in form for the word usually by adding a suffix that indicates a change in tense or grammatical function. Definition s —The meaning or meanings of the word. A word can have more than one definition.

Example sentences—The word used in context. Usage notes—Advice on how to use the word in the real world. Quotations—Use of the word in famous quotations. Synonyms—Words that have a similar meaning. Antonyms—Words that mean the opposite of this word. Derived terms—Words or phrases derived from this word. Coordinate terms—Words that share a subordinate term with this word. Descendants—Terms in other languages that have borrowed or inherited the word. Translations—How the word or phrase translates into other lan- guages. Anagrams—Words that share the same letters as this word.

See Also—Other words that might be of interest. References—Sources of information about the word. External links—Other web pages with information about this word. Category—Which overall category this word belongs to. From the Library of Lee Bogdanoff Contributing to the Wiktionary Contributing to the Wiktionary You can create new Wiktionary definition pages and edit existing ones the same way you edit articles in the Wikipedia.

In fact, you use the same Wiki Markup Language to format and insert elements into your entries. Creating New Entries To create a new entry, follow these steps: 1. Click the red link in the Create the Page text. When the edit page for that word appears, as shown in Figure When you finish writing the entry, enter a summary into the Edit Summary box. Click the Save Page button when done; this places your newly written article into the Wiktionary. When you write the entry, use the toolbar at the top of the edit box to format your text and insert special elements.

You can also insert codes from the Wiki Markup Language directly into your text; Wiktionary interprets these codes and inserts the appropriate formatting or elements. When you see an entry that needs editing, follow these steps: 1. From the entry page, click the Edit tab. From the Library of Lee Bogdanoff Summary 2.

This displays the edit page for the entry; make your edits to text within the edit box using appropriate Wiki Markup Language code. If this is a relatively minor edit grammar, punctuation, format- ting, and so forth , check the This Is a Minor Edit box. Click the Show Preview button to preview the entry with your changes. Click the Save Page button to save the revised entry. Summary In this lesson, you learned how to look up words in—and add words to— the Wiktionary. In the next lesson, you learn to find famous quotations in Wikiquote. Getting to Know Wikiquote Wikiquote is another fun project from the Wikimedia Foundation, a collaborative compendium of famous quotations.

Like other Wikimedia Foundations projects, Wikiquote is available in multiple languages—89 at last count. The English-language version of Wikiquote has more than 16, quotations listed. You access the English-language Wikiquote site at en. Looking Up Quotes As with the main Wikipedia site, you can look up quotations in Wikiquote either by browsing or by searching.

Browsing for Quotes You can browse Wikiquote by topic or theme, by the person quoted, by type of production films, TV shows, books, and so forth , or just alphabetically. You can even browse quotations that come from proverbs. To browse Wikiquote by topic, theme or type of production, click the Browse Wikiquote link at the top-right part of the main page, as shown in Figure When the Browse page appears, as shown in Figure To browse Wikiquote alphabetically, click the Alphabetical Index link at the top-right part of the main page. From the Wikiquote main page, enter one or more words from the quotation, the topic of the desired quote, or the name of the person who made the quote into the search box in the navigation pane.

Click the Go button. TIP: Phrase Searching If you search for a quotation that includes a specific phrase, enclose that phrase in quotation marks in your query. Viewing a Quote Page A Wikiquote quote page can contain anywhere from a single quote to dozens of quotes, depending on the topic. For example, the PierreAuguste Renoir page, as shown in Figure Some quote pages contain quotes about a particular topic.

Sourced quotes are those that come from a specific source, such as a book or a speech. Disputed quotes are those that might or might not have been said by this person. Within each section, the quotes are sometimes organized by work, sometimes by topic or theme. When a quote has a source, it appears on the line beneath the quote itself. Creating and Editing Quotes You can enter new quotations into any existing Wikiquote page, or create new pages on specific topics or works. The process is similar to creating and editing articles in the Wikipedia. Editing Existing Quotes Wikiquote makes it easy to add new quotations to existing pages or to edit the quotations that appear there.

Go to the page you want to edit and click the Edit tab. This displays the edit page for the entry, as shown in Figure Make your edits to text within the edit box using appropriate Wiki Markup Language code. Make sure you insert any new quotes into the appropriate section of the page. Click the red link in the Create This Page text. When the edit page for that topic appears, enter the appropriate information for the word into the edit box. Click the Save Page button when done; this places your newly written page into Wikiquote.

You can also insert codes from the Wiki Markup Language directly into your text; Wikiquote interprets these codes and insert the appropriate formatting or elements. Summary In this lesson, you learned how to use Wikiquote to look up quotations. In the next lesson, you learn to browse news articles with Wikinews. Understanding Wikinews Wikinews is a Wikimedia Foundation site that functions as a collaborative news aggregator.

Most articles aggregate facts reported by other sources; these sources are typically listed at the bottom of the Wikinews article. Like the sister Wikipedia site, anyone can contribute or edit Wikinews articles. Unlike Wikipedia, Wikinews articles cover breaking news stories, with all information properly cited to ensure a high standard or reliability. There are two types of articles on the Wikinews site.

The most common type is called a synthesis article because it draws on reports from various media to synthesize the story covered. The other type of article involves original reporting; these are first-hand news reports written by Wikinews contributors. Of these two types, the synthesis article is the most common. This is like the front page of a newspaper, with the latest stories and headlines. Next up are several lists. On the bottom-left part of the main page is a list of the Latest News, with the newest stories at the top.

A Stock Markets section and News in Pictures section are beneath those sections, with News by Country links beneath all that. Browsing Wikinews is probably the best way to read the latest news; find a link to a story that looks interesting and then click the link to read the full story. You can also use the search box in the left-side navigation pane to search for news about specific topics or people.

These sources are cited at the bottom of the article, in the Sources section. The all-language Wikinews portal is located at www. Sharing a Wikinews Article When you find a Wikinews article of particular interest, you can share it with friends and colleagues via social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Underneath each article is a Share This box, like the one shown in Figure Click the icon for the site you want to share on; then follow the directions for sharing the article on that site. For example, to share an article via Facebook, click the Facebook icon in the Social Networks box. Box and then click the Share button. Your comment, along with a synopsis of the article and link to the article on the Wikinews site, are now posted to the Wall on your profile page.

There is also a list of collaboration requests from other reporters and links to the Wikinews community. To write a new article, follow these steps: 1. When the article editing page appears, scroll down to the edit box shown in Figure Use the formatting toolbar and Wiki Markup Language to format your article and include special elements.

When you finish writing the article, enter a summary into the Edit Summary box. Click the Save Page button when done; this places your newly written article onto the Wikinews site. If you find an article that needs correction or elaboration, follow these steps: 1. This displays the edit page for the article; make your edits to text within the edit box using appropriate Wiki Markup Language code. Summary In this lesson, you learned how to read, write, and edit articles on the Wikinews site. In the next lesson, you learn to read and edit books online with Wikibooks, Wikisource, and other collaborative sites.

But an encyclopedia is just one type of book; the Wikimedia Foundation offers several other sites that let you collaborate on different types of online books. An online book is like a Wikipedia article, only longer. For this reason, the Wikimedia Foundation encourages collaboration on all these sites. You start a new book project by entering text into an edit box; you use the Wiki Markup Language to format the text and add special elements, such as headings, images, and links to other books and Wikipedia articles. After a book is started, other users can add more content or edit existing content by clicking the Edit This Page tab at the top of any book page.

This enables readers to easily print a hardcopy of the book for reading anywhere. The PDF version also typically features more sophisticated formatting than the online version; many of these PDF books look and feel just like regular printed books. Other books began as public domain or open source books, licensed for sharing, and were subsequently edited and expanded by Wikibooks users. Learn more at www. The focus of Wikibooks is educational—the creation of usable textbooks for students of all ages.

Wikibooks are available on hundreds of topics in dozens of languages. From this page, you can find a book in several ways. One approach is to search by topic, using the search box in the navigation pane. Clicking the Go button takes you directly to the best match for your query; clicking the Search button takes you to a full page of search results.

You can also browse for books from the main page. The Search and Browse box contains links to key topic categories; click a link to view all books in that category. Click a book to read it. Another way to browse is to click the Browse link in the navigation pane. This displays the Card Catalog Office page, as shown in Figure When you open a book, it looks a little like a long Wikipedia article.

The first page, like the one shown in Figure You access chapters in the book by clicking the links in the TOC. Each chapter displays on a subsequent Web page. For those books that are in normal Web page format, simply click the Print button in your Web browser to print each page of the book individually.

You can then click the Print button in the Adobe Acrobat Reader software to print the entire book at once. Other books are available as so-called print-ready books. A print-ready book looks like a normal Web page but prints without any of the page elements that look good in a browser but are out of place on the printed page.

Print-ready books are also formatted as a single Web page, rather than a series of Web pages, for easier printing. Editing a Wikibook Like articles in the Wikipedia, all Wikibooks can be edited by any user. To edit a book, follow these steps: 1. From the appropriate book page, click the Edit This Page tab.

This displays the edit page for that particular book or chapter, as shown in Figure Click the Show Preview button to preview the book chapter with your changes. Click the Save Page button to save the revised book. Starting a New Book Starting a new Wikibook is a bit more involved than creating a new Wikipedia article. Not every book idea makes for a good Wikibook. Next, you have to plan the book, to think through its structure. This means creating a table of contents.

Remember, readers need to quickly and easily browse through the book to find specific pieces of information; the TOC must take this browsability and findability into account. Then comes the book title. After everything is planned out, you create a book similar to the way you create a Wikipedia article, using Wiki Markup Language to format the text and insert special elements. You can access it by clicking the Cookbook link in the Wikibook navigation pane or by going directly to en. Using Wikijunior Wikijunior is a subset of Wikibooks that offers free nonfiction books for kids from preschool up to age These books are not only age-appropriate, but are also more visually interesting than traditional Wikibooks; the typical Wikijunior book contains lots of colorful photographs, illustrations, and the like.

You access the Wikijunior home page, as shown in Figure From there you can browse the catalog by category or search for books on specific topics. A Wikijunior book looks a lot like a series of Wikipedia articles. There are typically lots of images to illustrate the topic and links to related topics.

Similarly, you can create new Wikijunior books the same way you create new traditional Wikibooks. Using Wikisource Where Wikibooks is all about collaborative book projects, Wikisource is a Wikimedia Commons site that offers existing books and other publications for free viewing or downloading. These are not collaborative works, but rather the original texts.

Wikisource offers books and other publications including magazine and newspaper articles that are available for unrestricted sharing. That means works in the public domain or those created with any free-sharing license. At present, there are more than , English-language texts in the Wikisource library. NOTE: Wikibooks Versus Wikisource Wikisource differs from Wikibooks in that Wikibooks are expected to be significantly modified by users; whereas Wikisource books typically contain only the original text of existing works.

You can search the Wikisource library using the search box in the navigation pane, or browse works by topic or title. Works in the Wikisource library are typically fairly plain looking, just pages of plain text with few if any images. Works are added to the Wikisource library by volunteers. Although users are encouraged to enter new texts into the library, they are not encouraged to edit any existing texts.

Creating and formatting a new entry in the Wikisource library is similar to but slightly more complex than adding a new Wikipedia article. You can find more details of the process including all the necessary formatting codes at en. You search for courses using the search box in the navigation pane.

To browse for courses or course materials, use the links in the Explore Wikiversity box; you can browse by school level, subject, faculty members, or type of resource activities, articles, lectures, lessons, and the like. Like other Wikimedia Commons sites, any user can create and edit Wikiversity courses and content; the process is similar to creating and editing Wikipedia articles. Product Highlights Sams Teach Yourself Wikipedia in 10 Minutes gives you straightforward, practical answers when you need fast results.

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