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She was still smarting from his fit of temper, although the bruises had long since faded. No man, not even any of her former foster fathers, had ever hit her before. She brought her attention back to the present. Any man whose voice softened at the mention of his mother and grandmother was, she decided, a man worth getting to know a bit better.

Who knew, he might make a good friend. She had her sisters, of course, but few other friends at the moment. The only question was could she keep him in that position? He knew she saw it, too, as he inserted the key into the lock. There was only one thing he cared about: getting his hands on Pamela Singer as quickly as possible.

He turned to her the moment the door closed behind them. He seized on her arms and pulled her up and into his kiss. Her heat seeped into him, and he pulled her closer, pressing her female curves against his hard and hungry body. Her arms went around his neck as his hands splayed across her bottom, bringing her to his erection. Soft and sweet, hot and heady, Dylan felt himself succumb completely to her spell. Not wanting to let her go even for a moment, he fell with her to the bed. He sought the flavor of her cheeks, her neck, and reveled in her touch, so anxious against his scalp.

Pamela was devouring him in turn, and that thrilled him beyond measure. No other woman before her has mattered. The image flashed of a violent sea, of his being lured to rocky ruin on the shore of some forgotten, mythical island. Then the image was gone, forced out by his need for her and his own conscious choice. He looked down at her while he raced to catch his breath. Her eyes were clouded with passion, edged with confusion. Stroking a finger lightly across her mouth, he silenced her. He knew he was on dangerous ground, knew he should get up, walk away, hell, walk all the way back to Greece.

For one instant, he thought she would refuse him. But then her expression cleared, and she stroked his face gently. A loving gesture, not a lustful one. He realized that, for Pamela, no matter what else there was to her, having sex would never be a matter of whim, of lust only. He refused to think what more it could be. With fingers that had calmed, he began to open her blouse. Creamy flesh and white lace enticed him. Compelled, he set his mouth on her, sampling her collarbone, her throat, as his busy fingers finished their task.

Lifting her, he swept the silky fabric from her, leaving only her bra covering her plump breasts. He felt his smile spread as he took in the front closure on the garment. His mouth set about freeing her. Her groan of arousal spurred him on, and he drew a pebbled nipple even deeper into his mouth. Her hands tugged at his clothing. He lifted up from her slightly. The moment the last one opened, he whipped off his shirt, not caring that the fine linen fell to the floor in a heap.

The touch of her hands on his chest, her fingers splaying to caress and grip, shot straight to his groin. Her arms crept up to twine around his neck. He shook his head. Reaching down, he slipped the button on her trousers from its mooring and pulled the zipper down.

Song Of The Sirens

Their hands worked together quickly to get the clothes off. The dark hair covering her intimate flesh was the same delectable shade as the rest of her hair and promised to be just as soft. Unable to resist, he stroked her gently, his touch a light and fleeting caress. He chuckled when she bowed off the bed. Every bit of humor left him when she reached out and returned the intimacy, her hand pressing against the ridge covered by his pants. It took him only moments to shed the rest of his clothes.

He reached into the drawer of his bedside table, not taking his eyes from her, and grabbed a tiny foil packet. Tearing it open with his teeth, he pulled out the condom, rolled it on, and covered her. Her legs spread for him, and he had one instant to appreciate the texture of her hot, moist folds against the head of his penis. Then he plunged.

Classic myths in english literature

Glad to be out of the crowded, noisy loft, he let his senses take in the city at night. Never felt at home anywhere, really. Florida suited for now, with its warm temperatures and slower pace. Nick swallowed his bitterness and took a deep breath. The very last thing he wanted to do was spew his nasty mood onto Twyla.

Doing that would end things before they even got started, and he really wanted them to get started. Nick relaxed when they got to the pub. A quick check of his watch showed him it was ten-thirty, early by New York standards. My grandfather had quite the brogue. My father, none at all. What about you? Something about her smile really got to him.

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That, he figured, had everything to do with her and nothing to do with him at all. He needed to remember his plan. Twyla seemed appealing and charming and could oh-so-easily slip under his skin. Enchanting people ranked as her greatest skill. Well, her second greatest. His arms felt strong, and the burning light in his eyes thrilled her.

It had been so hard to hold herself back from him. This, she thought, had to be the definition of insanity. The man posed a very real threat to her. Then his head lowered and his mouth took hers in a ruthless possession that drove every other thought from her head. His tongue demanded surrender, and without her consent, every bone in her body melted. She clung to him, wild to taste more, and even more of him. He picked her up, carried her to the bed. She felt conquered, dominated, and wanted to rejoice in it.

He pulled away from her. His gaze hot, she knew her own matched it. In that instant, she understood they were of one mind. She pulled the clothing from her own body, baring herself to his needs just as he bared himself to hers. No man had ever laved and nipped and suckled in just that way, pulling the nerves that connected her nipples to her clit. Her heart tripped when he cupped her face and kissed her, his lips and tongue sipping, tasting, cherishing.

Such a singularly erotic sensation, to grasp his flesh, savor the heat and the silk of him, bending low to inhale the essence and sip the dew of him, and then to roll the thin covering down, a slow and lingering caress. Sultry laughter erupted from deep in her soul as he pushed her onto her back and impaled her in one long, glorious thrust. He filled her so completely. Surely, no other man could fit her so perfectly. The gentle brush of his scrotum against her most tender flesh tantalized. The rhythmic nudge of the tip of his cock against the entrance to her womb enticed.

Her heart pounded, her blood raced, and her pussy pulsed. So hot and wet and good. Squeeze me. I want that amazing pussy of yours to milk me. Make me come, sweetheart. Opening her eyes, she met his gaze. Her hands slid from around his shoulders, seeking his. Their fingers entwined, and she felt more connected to him than she ever had to another, and in her heart, in that moment, she fell in love with him. Having lived a solitary life, Alba had never experienced having two big, strong men surround her in cotton batting to keep her safe from harm. A woman used to doing for herself, to fighting her own battles, she found the inactivity unacceptable.

She, however, maintained a healthy lifestyle, healthy relationships—well, except for that whole not-getting-over-Patrick thing—and a healthy balance of idealism and cynicism. The fault for her current possession of bodyguards could be blamed on her genes, of course. Blessed with a slight frame and elfin-like features, she appeared harmless, bordering on helpless.

How ironic the same visage that allowed her to go nearly anywhere at any time unchallenged should work against her now. Her sisters had been no help in this regard. Unfortunately, Alba needed to meet with one of her contacts. He might be able to get information for her, possibly the evidence that would prove her boss a traitor.

But the man, very skittish by nature and one to skirt somewhat under the law at times, would suspect a trap if she showed up with either of her brothers-in-law in tow. She checked her watch. It was three a. She pulled her black t-shirt over her head and paused to glance at her reflection in the mirror.

Light from the street cast her room in slight illumination, twinkling off the diamond studs in her ears. She reached a hand up to remove them, then paused. So there really was no reason to leave them in. But there was no reason to take them out, either. Besides, on the off chance her family did become aware of this little nighttime adventure, she could point to the earrings as being her lifeline. She put her right leg on the settee in front of the vanity, and pulled up the leg of her jeans. This piece of equipment she referred to as her clutch piece.

The Kel-Tec P32 fit into the holster easily. The weapon, about the size of a dollar bill, carried an eight shot magazine,. She brought her leg down and shook it slightly, inspecting it to ensure no sign of the weapon could be seen. Nicholas had fitted a nifty little backup device to it that certainly won her admiration.

A medium-sized shrub grew just under and to the left of the window and she climbed through the opening and then slid down behind the shrub easily. Once on the ground, she scanned the area. Two guards patrolled at the back of the house, and only one, she knew, in front. She waited until the guard in the rear and closest to her turned his head away. But she also believes that she is cursed for surviving the attack.

So being a slave to the king isn't all that bad as it could be. Though she wishes for freedom, she is happy. Her days are spend doing chores and looking after Princess Wanda. Who becomes her friend of all things. The only thing lately anyone fears is dragon attacks and the demands of the Wawel Dragon. Who lives in the hills nearby. The events she starts off with being nosy, will lead her on a journey of adventure and love.

Oct 21, Rachel rated it really liked it. Note: I download this book from the author as an instafreebie in exchange for an honest review Dragons have been one of the most popular fantasy creatures ever written about for a long time. It's always the knight fighting the dragon and evil dragon hording a fortune, even in the Disney cartoon version of Sleeping Beauty evil Maleficent turned in a fire breathing dragon and everyone remembers when Harry Potter himself had to defeat a dragon in the Goblet of Fire. Dragons have been around and ha Note: I download this book from the author as an instafreebie in exchange for an honest review Dragons have been one of the most popular fantasy creatures ever written about for a long time.

Dragons have been around and have only seem to have gotten more popular in books. Believe it or not I h read hardly any books with dragons and although I am in the middle of one series with dragons I want to read more so when Megan offered a chance to read a book called a Song of Smoke and Fire I had to get it. This book was so good and more than what I expected. This fantastical book had more than just dragons there were so many more supernatural creatures such as fae, sirens, mermaids and more, and I love a good book with a ton of supernatural creature.

Fliss is the main character and she is dragon cursed, a dragon killed her parents, a dragon attacked her and she was saved by king Krakus and now dragons seem to follow her where ever she goes. When the dragon that lives in the lands of the kingdom of Krakow demands the king give over a girl pure of heart guess what happens, that's right Fliss is handed over.

Fliss and the dragon Smok goes on this great adventure to different places and see these wondrous creatures and on the way they get to know each other and a connection is formed. You see Fliss is kind, brave, curious, determined, loyal and in general a good person and Smok is something all together different. Fliss sees a different side to Smok than what he shows the world, he isn't this terrible dragon he actually has a good heart.

I actually love Smok and Fliss together I think they are a perfect fit. Through this adventure the past is uncovered and it reveals some shocking truths. The only thing I would have to complain about it that Fliss was a little contradictory in the beginning and it didn't make sense but I did get the arc and hopefully those changes were corrected.

Song of Smoke and Fire was such a good fantasy story with supernatural creatures, action, danger, great fight scenes, romance, a good plot, shocking twists, redemption, betrayal and so much more. I love the plot of this story, I found that I couldn't wait to finish this book I pretty much read it in one day and that is unusual for me. I am looking forward to the next book in the series. Aug 23, Kelly rated it really liked it. Smok, the main dragon in the story, has other plans for Fliss and the two go on a quest to find freedom for each other.

Reading much like a hybrid of Game of Thrones and Beauty and the Beast, the story was very easy to read and the story keeps moving with abrupt actions and events. The characters were well developed and the plot lines were clear, though I felt some solutions to problems were a little too convenient and these issues were solved too quickly.

It was almost as if the author added things to escape from developing a subplot or event. Normally, these skills would have to be developed after being discovered, rarely will something just be an expert right out of the gate. Yet, she can magically unlock a lock with her first run at a siren song. Surely this was to play up the drama queen personality of the character but I found it to be a bit distasteful for someone who raises awareness for suicide prevention.

As someone who is of German and Polish decent, I really admired how the author infused some of her heritage she is also Polish and German into the story to stay true to the times and the characters. Her research was well done right down to the languages and conflicts.

The character personality traits were respective and true of their lineage. However, if you enjoy dragons, mermaids, sirens, ancient times and mythical creatures then you will absolutely love Song of Smoke and Fire. If none of these things interest you, then you probably want to pass on this title. Oct 26, Stephanie - Adventures Thru Wonderland rated it really liked it Shelves: review-request , 4-star , arc , This does not affect my review in any way.

Where to start? I had mixed feelings while reading this one. I don't know, having read some of Linski's other works, I feel this could have been an easy 5-star read. That said, this was more in the 3-star range through the first half. The ending was my favorite part, and when we found out about Smok's past. The events and actions leading up to the end came together smoothly and were interesting, but I felt something was missing. I'm not sure why I felt this way since I liked Smok and while Fliss wasn't my favorite, she was an enjoyable character.

One character I didn't like throughout the story was the king. From the beginning, his personality grated on me, and only got worse as the story went on, though as he isn't the hero, I was able to overlook this until the feast scene. As I mentioned, the last scene, or battle, was my favorite. This was also the main reason I give this story 4 stars instead of the 3 I felt the first part of the book deserved. I also enjoyed Smok enough to redeem the read of the story and liked seeing him grow emotionally throughout the story.

Nov 04, The Mysterious Reader rated it it was amazing.

Feral Flute

OMG was this ever a wonderful novel. Song of Smoke and Fire is actually a pretty darn wondrous tale, with its beautifully crafted world-building full of mermaids, fae and magic, its fantastic cast of characters and its plot full of adventure and the power of love and hope. Highly recommended. Oct 31, Sharon rated it really liked it. If you enjoy reading dragon tales then this is one to add to your bookshelf. Fliss has an affinity for attracting dragons and wound up as a slave to the princess after the King saved her life and a dragon killed her parents. Smok, the dragon, lives in a cave not far from the castle and has been living in peace with the village until Fliss accidentally enters his dwelling and a plan begins to hatch 4.

Smok, the dragon, lives in a cave not far from the castle and has been living in peace with the village until Fliss accidentally enters his dwelling and a plan begins to hatch. Smok enters the village and demands a virgin female be sent to him. The King instructs Fliss to go and see what she can do to destroy the dragon and the adventure begins…. This is one action packed, entertaining and engaging read filled with betrayal and forgiveness. Although it is technically a YA novel, it has that timeless appeal for any age. I volunteered to read an arc provided by the author.

Oct 30, Linda Hamonou rated it really liked it. This is the first book of her new series "Song of Dragonfire". I got it as an ARC before the release but only got into reading it now. It's a really nice story, though predictable. The predictable part for me This is the first book of her new series "Song of Dragonfire". The predictable part for me was the love story though there are some twists to get there and the journey time of thing. It was an entertaining read.

Oct 17, Kalli Bunch rated it it was amazing. Beauty is a slave. Beauty meets Beast. Beast is a Dragon. Dragon was a selfish and cowardly man who ran to save his own skin. Beast is cursed. Beast is now Smok. Smok meets Beauty. Beauty is Fliss. Smok decides that Fliss is his saving grace. She is the key to his humanity!! But she must go with him willingly. Fliss agrees for her village AND for her freedom.

This story is a dark twist on Beauty and the Beast. But with Dragons, fae, sirens, mermaids, and other supernaturals!! It's all the things Beauty is a slave. It's all the things you wish you could have read about in the original Disney Classic!! Beauty and The Beast was my favorite Disney story growing up, but I think this novel really gave it a run for it's money.

Feb 25, Kira Assad rated it it was amazing. Megan Linski is one of my all time favorite authors so I knew I had to get my hands on this book A truly incredible adventure story with fun, fantastical characters, then sprinkle in a little danger and some romance, and you have one heck of a story. It really had it all and it draws you in from the first chapter. Fliss is such a kooky heroine who you can't help but root for and Smok may be a bit of a hard exterior dragon, but ultimately has a good heart.

I thoroughly enjoyed Megan Linski is one of my all time favorite authors so I knew I had to get my hands on this book I thoroughly enjoyed their story. Also, I wasn't aware of the Polish legend it was loosely based on, but I want to look into it now. Looking forward to book 2 of the series! Nov 03, Ksandra rated it really liked it.

In this novel, Fliss is a slave girl who must travel with the dragon Smok in order to save her people. I found that the characters were very well fleshed out. Fliss had immense character growth plus the story was intriguing. Though the story occasionally drifted into cliche territory, it was still enjoyable and had a few twists that I wasn't expecting.

This book is also heavy in mythology. Not only dragons but sirens, mermaids, and the like. I loved the intermingling of the tales, along with Megan Linski's fresh take on them. Disclaimer: I received an ARC in exhange for an honest review Aug 07, Christine Karmelreads W. Fliss was not born a Slave but became one upon the deaths of her parents and being taken into the household of the king. The Dragon Smok has done things in his past that make him the dragon he is today as you read his story you will learn things about him that are not very A Second Chance To Do The Right Thing The cover of the book does not do justice to the story.

The Dragon Smok has done things in his past that make him the dragon he is today as you read his story you will learn things about him that are not very complimentary. The story is kind of light on intrigue but the characters are not bad. I voluntarily read and reviewed this book received from the author.

The adventure within the book was amazing, fun, fast paced , so much so i zoomed through it within a few hours but to me there didnt feel like there was a genuine connection between the characters as a couple. I loved the characters growth together but it seemed more friendship than an actual realtionship, There were also alot of peices that didnt connect or didnt make sense that should have been expanded more on.

Like the sirens and the past life thing. All in all i wasnt a huge fan of the execution on the relationship side but loved the action packed adventure it took us on. Oct 30, Teri rated it it was amazing.

There are many wonderful things about this author that I adore, one of them being the ability to bring out deep heart wrenching emotion from her characters. Fliss may be a slave but her voice is strong and pure. Dragon knows and while his heart is telling him she is his, his head is telling him elsewise. A battle of wills with plenty of action and a showing of unexpected strength brings this tale and it's characters to life in ways this author excels at.

A tale for all ages to enjoy, especially There are many wonderful things about this author that I adore, one of them being the ability to bring out deep heart wrenching emotion from her characters. A tale for all ages to enjoy, especially if you love dragons.

Since this was my first dragons book, I really wanted to enjoy it but unfortunately it fell short. I like the author's concept but not her delivery. The individual parts of the story did not mesh well. It seemed to weave in different time periods. Great storyline but they weaved modern day speech and music into it which just threw the whole thing off. I have heard great things about this author so I am not giving up on he Since this was my first dragons book, I really wanted to enjoy it but unfortunately it fell short.

I have heard great things about this author so I am not giving up on her. Will be checking out other works from her soon. Nov 02, Christinaraven rated it it was amazing.

Multiple Authors Book List - FictionDB

I thought this story was a hoot. It was a clean read that made me laugh. I thought Fliss and Smok were a hoot. For a slave, Fliss was amazing Ann had a good personality. Not a slave outlook on life. Her luck and spunkyness made the story really fun to read. I loved all the people they meet on their travels. I never knew who or what would pop up next.

I received a free copy and I really liked the story. I read it in one sitting just to what happened next and if Fliss and Smok would get what they I thought this story was a hoot.